About Stupid Easy SEO

If you're a professional blogger who's looking to increase your Google rankings and get more organic traffic to your blog, then you're in the right place.

Since you're on this page, something tells me you know SEO is a crucial part of growing a successful blog and in order to climb up the rankings in Google, you need to step up your SEO game.

But maybe you ...

  • Have no idea where to GET STARTED when it comes to SEO
  • Need help when it comes to doing proper keyword research and link building
  • bullseye
     Feel overwhelmed and confused by all the technical SEO jargon

And whether you're a new blogger just starting out, or an established pro who's crushing it on Pinterest and making thousands per month, you want to get higher rankings in Google and more targeted organic traffic.

Because you know that more targeted Google traffic means more blog pageviews, more email signups, and more affiliate and product sales.

You're wondering why you see other bloggers in your niche at the top of Google for every keyword you're targeting. 

You're ready to implement some easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand, and practical SEO tips and strategies.

You just feel stuck and wish someone would break the whole thing down to some basic principles, with clear examples and practical instructions.

Believe me, friend, I've been there.

Hey there. My name is Mike Pearson and I'm obsessed with teaching bloggers who to grow their audience, traffic, and income with SEO.

I first started dabbling with SEO in 2014 when I was trying to build a blog in the health niche. 

At the time, most of the popular SEO advice was found on internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum, and involved doing loads of spammy tactics like buying shady backlinks and using article spinners to publish content.

I implemented most of these "strategies" on my health blog, thinking they would bring me higher Google rankings and passive income so I quit my job.

Instead, they ended up getting my website penalized by Google, and all the time and effort I had put into my blog went down the drain.

And so I started over. 

But this time, I became obsessed with building a blog by learning SEO the right way: creating epic content, doing proper keyword research, and building white-hat, powerful backlinks that would skyrocket my website up the rankings.

Like most things with SEO, it took a little while to figure things out and see the effects of my effort, but eventually ... the new blog I was building in the outdoors niche exploded.

This is a website that I launched in early 2016 and in 2017 had done nearly $100,000 in affiliate income with over 1 million unique pageviews, 88% of which were from Google search:

I took everything I head learned about SEO and applied it to this site, with pretty great results.

A lot of my posts rank highly in Google for very important keywords, which drives targeted traffic to my site, resulting in loads of affiliate sales.

And now, I want to help you grown your own blog traffic and income with SEO, just like I did with mine.

Before signing off, I want to invite you to join my email list, where I send out exclusive content that isn't available on my blog, only to my subscribers.

Thanks for being here.