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Hey, I'm Mike Pearson, the founder of Stupid Simple SEO ...

I've been doing this SEO thing for a while now, and I've developed a bit of an SEO blueprint that I follow on every blog I build ...

Including one site in the camping & backpacking niche that I grew to $95,000+ in passive affiliate revenue in just its second year while I was working a full-time job:

With 88% of its traffic coming not from Pinterest but from Google:

And I decided to start Stupid Simple SEO to teach other bloggers like yourself how to grow your blog, rank higher in Google, and increase your organic traffic with SEO. 

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    Why targeted Google traffic is the best kind of traffic for your blog
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    Why search intent, relevancy, content quality and backlinks are the 4 keys to higher Google rankings
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    Why proper keyword research is so important to ranking in Google
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    9 tips for optimizing your on-page SEO
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    Why backlinks are crucial to SEO and the 5 characteristics of a good link