Stupid Simple SEO Testimonials

Over 4,000 bloggers just like you have gone through my Stupid Simple SEO training program. It's the single best SEO course for bloggers.

Are you wondering what people are saying about Stupid Simple SEO?

Here I've highlighted some testimonials and success stories from bloggers in all kinds of niches and different levels of experience.

Real testimonials from real bloggers getting results from Stupid Simple SEO.

(Note: When I first started my blogging business, I did so when I still had a full-time job, and so I used a pseudo-last name, which you'll see referenced below a few times).

Student Success Stories

More than 10 of my students have been featured on the Niche Pursuits Podcast. Here's just a sampling of the success they've seen after taking my programs.

Stupid Simple SEO Testimonials

Here you'll find just some of the hundreds of testimonials and success stories from my Stupid Simple SEO students, in their own words.